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Independent Test Confirms Cosmological Parameters

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A new technique to measure cosmological parameters affirms earlier measurements, providing additional support for RTB’s cosmic creation model. Precise measurements of the velocities and distances for galaxies in the Local Supercluster provide a means to put stringent constraints on the mass density of the universe. The values determined by a team of international scientists match those measured by other methods. Further, using input from other techniques, the team derived a value of 13.5 +/- 0.2 billion years for the age of the universe. This value perfectly matches the value extracted from the cosmic microwave background radiation. The consistency of cosmological parameters measured by different techniques continues to buttress RTB’s biblically based creation model. 

o   Roya Mohayaee and R. Brent Tully, “The Cosmological Mean Density and Its Local Variations Probed by Peculiar Velocities,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 635 (2005): L113-16.


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