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Increasing Constraints on Variations of Fundamental Constants

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 A team of international astronomers has provided additional evidence for RTB’s cosmic creation model by constraining possible variations of the fundamental constants over the history of the universe. Scientists rely on the constancy of the laws of physics to determine the universe’s past. RTB’s biblical model also predicts such constancy. By measuring a set of emission and absorption lines from two distant quasars, the astronomers determined that the fine structure constant and the magnetic permeability of free space show no variation at the level of one part in 100,000. These results agree with previous studies based on different spectral lines and with the predictions of RTB’s cosmic creation model.

o   N. Kanekar et al., “Constraints on Changes in Fundamental Constants from a Cosmologically Distant OH Absorber or Emitter,” Physical Review Letters 95 (2005): 261301.


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