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Improving a Yardstick that Tests for Creation

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A team of American and Swiss astronomers has improved the quality of one of the fundamental yardsticks used for establishing the biblically predicted big bang creation model and for demonstrating the supernatural design of the universe. They have performed the most extensive calibration to date of a complete sample of the type Ia supernovae that are used by astronomers to measure the cosmic expansion throughout cosmic history. Their fully corrected determination of the luminosities of type Ia supernovae will enable significantly more accurate determination of several cosmic design features and of the cosmic creation date. These improvements will yield potentially even stronger evidence for the supernatural creation and design of the universe for the benefit of physical life.

o   B. Reindl et al., “Reddening, Absorption, and Decline Rate Corrections for a Complete Sample of Type Ia Supernovae Leading to a Fully Corrected Hubble Diagram to v < 30,000 km s-1,” Astrophysical Journal 624 (2005): 532-54.


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