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Improving a Test for Cosmic Creation

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An international team of 31 astronomers has tested the reliability of one of the fundamental yardsticks used for establishing the biblically predicted big bang creation model and for demonstrating the supernatural design of the universe. They used careful measurements on a sample of over 200 type Ia supernovae. They sought to determine whether or not there was any intrinsic difference in the properties of very distant and, hence, early in cosmic history, type Ia supernovae compared to nearby and, hence, late in cosmic history, type Ia supernovae. The team found that very distant type Ia matched well the properties of nearby type Ia supernovae. This result confirmed that type Ia supernovae indeed provide a reliable yardstick for establishing the reality of the big bang creation event and the supernatural design of the universe for the benefit of life and for humanity in particular.

o   Thomas Matheson et al., “Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Supernovae from the ESSENCE Project: The First Two Years,” Astronomical Journal 129 (2005): 2352-75.


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