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Improving a Linchpin for Cosmic Creation

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Two Italian astronomers have buttressed one of the linchpins for the biblically predicted big bang creation model and for several of the cosmic features that give evidence for supernatural design. This key element is the distance to the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). Their careful measurements on 14 pulsational variable stars in the LMC yielded a distance of 166,500 ± 200 light years, the most accurate LMC distance measure to date. This measure provides even more certainty that the big bang creation model is correct and that a super-intelligent, supernatural Creator designed the universe for the benefit of life and for humans in particular.

o   Marcella Marconi and Gisella Clementini, “A ‘Pulsational’ Distance Determination for the Large Magellanic Cloud,” Astronomical Journal 129 (2005): 2257-67.


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