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Improved General Relativity Test

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As the theory of general relativity fares, so fares RTB’s biblical cosmic creation model—and general relativity just passed another test. Einstein explained that according to general relativity light would be deflected by the curvature of space-time produced by any large mass. Using a satellite on its way to Saturn, astronomers confirmed the predicted deflection with a hundred times more accuracy than all previous observations. This spectacular confirmation of general relativity also affirms RTB’s model, since general relativity predicts the biblical cosmic creation principles of a transcendent beginning (beginning of matter, energy, space, and time) and continual expansion from a cosmic creation event.

B. Bertotti, L Iess, and P. Tortora, “A Test of General Relativity Using Radio Links with the Cassini Spacecraft,” Nature, 425 (2003), pp. 374-376.

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