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Improved Cosmic Yardstick

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Japanese astronomers have discovered a way to improve accuracy for measuring some of the most significant design features in the universe. Specifically, they found that for white dwarfs (stars) that accrete enough matter to become (by exploding) type Ia supernovae, their initial mass determines how fast they will rotate at the time of the supernova eruption, which in turn determines how bright the supernova eruption will be. This finding could potentially help astronomers measure cosmic expansion with greater accuracy and hence provide greater confirmation of supernatural design.

Tatsuhiro Uenishi and Ken’ichi Nomoto, “Evolution of Rotating Accreting White Dwarfs and the Diversity of Type Ia Supernovae,” Astrophysical Journal, 595 (2003), pp. 1094-1100.


RTB article: Hugh Ross, “Predictive Power: Confirming Cosmic Creation,” Facts for Faith, quarter 2, 2002, issue 9, pp. 32-39.

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