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Impact of Uranus on Jupiter’s Orbit Reveals Solar System Design

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The discovery of Uranus’ influence on Jupiter’s orbital properties indicates design in the solar system. Planetary scientists from Colorado propose that variations in Uranus’ orbit may drive the precession (wobble) of Jupiter’s spin axis. This result reveals the far-reaching influence that planets—especially the gas giants because of their large mass—exert on other planets. However, orbital stability critically affects Earth’s capacity to support advanced life such as human beings. Without the gas giants, particularly Jupiter, Earth would experience much heavier bombardment from asteroids and comets. However, without fine-tuning, the gas giants would disrupt the orbital properties of Earth. Either of these outcomes would make Earth uninhabitable for advanced life. The fine-tuned properties of the gas giants’ orbits and sizes argue for the work of a supernatural Designer who crafted the solar system. 

o   William R. Ward and Robin M. Canup, “The Obliquity of Jupiter,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 640 (2006): L91-94.


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