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Humanity Arrives at the Just Right Time

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As scientists discuss ways to mitigate greenhouse warming, their possible solutions highlight the fine-tuning of humanity’s arrival on Earth. One suggestion involves polluting the atmosphere with sulfate aerosols similar to volcanic eruptions. The aerosols reflect sunlight back into space, thereby cooling Earth to counteract the heating caused by increased greenhouse gases. However, even with constant greenhouse gases, Earth will continue to warm because the sun’s luminosity is continually increasing. In fact, the greenhouse gases are near their minimum value required to sustain abundant life on Earth. In future times, scientists postulate that either Earth will not support the diversity of life-forms seen today, or the visibility of the atmosphere will be dramatically reduced (sulfate aerosols cause smog and clouds). This tradeoff suggests that humanity arrived on Earth at precisely the time when Earth’s biomass, biodiversity, and aesthetic beauty are maximized, which comports well with the idea of a superintelligent Creator fashioning a planet just for that purpose. 

o       Richard A. Kerr, “Pollute the Planet for Climate’s Sake?” Science 314 (2006): 401-03.


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