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HUDF Confirms Universe is Aging

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The most sensitive optical picture ever taken of the universe strengthens the idea that the universe indeed had a beginning (and thus a Beginner). According to big bang cosmology, shortly after the beginning of the universe, no stars or galaxies existed. As the universe aged it cooled and began forming stars. Eventually, these stars formed small, irregularly shaped galaxies that continued to grow and merge together, leading to the numerous mature spiral- and elliptical-shaped galaxies observed today. Using the Hubble Space Telescope, astronomers have now imaged this earlier time and confirmed that galaxies were smaller and more irregular in earlier epochs of the universe. These results further buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model, which incorporates big bang cosmology, and puts the notion of a supernatural Creator on firmer scientific footing.

o       Steven V. Beckwith et al., “The Hubble Ultra Deep Field,” Astronomical Journal 132 (2006): 1729-55.


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