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A tremendous opportunity for discovering new scientific evidences for a supernatural Creator has been determined to exist on the coldest spot on Earth. Australian astronomers found that truly remarkable seeing conditions exist above Dome C in Antarctica. The average seeing disk at Dome C is more than three times smaller than it is at the next best site on the planet. This means a telescope at Dome C would outperform a telescope three times as large anywhere else on the planet. Moreover, interferometric measurements that would be impossible anywhere else on Earth can be achieved at Dome C. Another team of Australian astronomers determined that Dome C also provides unprecedented conditions for millimeter wavelength measurements. Thus, future telescopes and instruments placed at Dome C will enable astronomers to measure with unparalleled accuracy cosmic design features and explore in detail the physics of the cosmic creation event. Such advances can significantly augment the scientific evidence for the God of the Bible and the biblical cosmic creation model.

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