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GRB Observations Affirm Fixed Physical Laws

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Measurements from distant cosmic explosions buttress a central tenet of RTB’s cosmic creation model. As stated in Jeremiah 33:25, the laws of physics governing the universe should be constant if the Bible contains an accurate description of the cosmos. Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are among the most distant and violent events observable from Earth. Measurements of the polarization of these distant beacons confirm that certain violations of Einstein’s equations of general relativity (one of the physical laws) do not exist at one part in 1037. This number represents a tightening of the constraints on violations of general relativity by a factor of 100,000. Once again, as scientists’ understanding of the universe increases, the evidence confirming the biblical description of the cosmos continues to grow.

o       V. Alan Kostelecký and Matthew Mewes, “Sensitive Polarimetric Search for Relativity Violations in Gamma-Ray Bursts,” Physical Review Letters 97 (2006): 140401.


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