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Gravitational Radiation

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Optimism exists that an important new test for cosmic creation models (including RTB’s biblical model) may be easier to achieve than once thought. Astrophysicists have demonstrated that core-collapse supernovae deliver stronger gravitational signals than previously considered possible. They calculated that current gravity wave telescopes can detect gravity waves from core-collapse supernovae out to a distance of about 16,000 light years while the next generation of gravity wave telescopes can make detections out to about 325,000 light years. Consequently, gravity wave measurements as a tool for testing different cosmic creation models may soon be at hand, thereby strengthening any robust creation models and weakening others.

Ewald Müller, et al, “Toward Gravitational Wave Signals from Realistic Core-Collapse Supernova Models,” Astrophysical Journal, 603 (2004), pp. 221-230.


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