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Gravitational Lens Test for Cosmic Design

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A team of American astronomers has developed yet another accurate confirmation of the two most highly fine-tuned cosmic design parameters. Combining the Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey with the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the team produced the first accurate determination, based on gravitational lensing, for the cosmic mass density (22-26 percent of the total cosmic density) and the cosmic dark energy density (74-78 percent of the total cosmic density). Their measured values agree very well with independent accurate measures achieved by the WMAP of the cosmic background radiation and by type Ia supernovae of the velocities of distant galaxies. The team demonstrated that astronomers’ confidence in the big bang creation model and in the extraordinary fine-tuning of the cosmic density parameters for the benefit of life is indeed very well justified.

o   Jonathan L. Mitchell et al., “Improved Cosmological Constraints from Gravitational Lens Statistics,” Astrophysical Journal 622 (2005): 81-98.


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