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Gravitational Lens and Dark Energy

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A new, independent measurement of the cosmic dark energy density has strengthened the evidence for the biblically predicted big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the universe. Dark energy may account for the accelerating universe as well as a significant portion of the universe’s mass. Astronomers used the most extensive survey to date of gravitational lenses at cosmological distances to independently establish a measure of the cosmic dark energy density. Though less accurate than measurements based on type Ia supernovae, the WMAP data, x-ray profiles of large galaxy clusters, and redshift surveys of hundreds of thousands of galaxies, the gravitational lensing-based results are entirely consistent with those measures. Therefore, the evidence for the big bang creation event and for the supernatural design of the dark energy factor continues to mount.

     Kyu-Hyun Chae et al., “Constraints on Scalar-Field Dark Energy from the Cosmic Lens All-Sky Survey Gravitational Lens Statistics,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 607 (2004): L71-74.


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