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Globular Clusters in Sculptor

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A new measurement for the universe’s birth date provides another confirmation of the big bang creation event. The age of the universe is foundational for the physics of both the big bang creation event and for the histories of stellar burning. Some of the strongest scientific evidences for a supernatural Creator arise from this physical foundation. A traditional method for measuring the universe’s birth date has been the burning time of globular cluster stars (dense clusters of stars) in the Milky Way Galaxy. This method raises the question of whether our galaxy’s globular clusters are typical of globular clusters in other galaxies. A team of astronomers has added six major galaxies in the Sculptor group (which is relatively nearby our local group) to the growing list of galaxies that astronomers have studied. They verify that the oldest globular clusters in other galaxies indeed reveal spectroscopic ages entirely consistent with spectroscopic ages of the Milky Way Galaxy’s oldest globular clusters. Such consistency affirms the big bang and supernatural creation.

     Knut A. G. Olsen et al., “The Globular Cluster Systems of the Sculptor Group,” Astronomical Journal 127 (2004): 2674-93.


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