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Globular Cluster Enigma C

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A puzzling aspect of the big bang creation model has been solved, thanks to better technology. The big bang model predicts that depending on a galaxy’s size and age, a certain number of globular clusters (groups of stars) should be orbiting around it. But large elliptical galaxies typically have many more globular clusters than do spiral galaxies, which presents a problem for the model. However, a new survey based on high quality images suggests that the numbers and orbits of globular clusters associated with typical large elliptical galaxies can be accounted for by the merger of two or more spiral galaxies. The improved technology provides a better understanding of globular clusters and confirms anew the big bang creation model.

Katherine L. Rhode and Stephen E. Zepf, “The Globular Cluster System of the Spiral Galaxy NGC 7814,” Astronomical Journal, 126 (2003), pp. 2307-2316.

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