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Globular Cluster Enigma A

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In witnessing the beginning of the destruction of a globular cluster (dense group of stars) astronomers are gaining new insights into the history and design of our galaxy for life. These insights help explain how our galaxy’s globular cluster population was reduced from its primordial 1,000+ to its current number of just over 150. The position of the solar system within our galaxy must be fine-tuned so that tidal destruction of globular clusters does not disturb the existence of advanced life on Earth. Our safe position seems no accident of evolution, but rather the careful, loving design of a Creator.

Michael Odenkirchen, et al, “The Extended Tails of Palomar 5: A 10° Arc of Globular Cluster Tidal Debris,” Astronomical Journal, 126 (2003), pp. 2385-2407.

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