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Globular Cluster Ages A

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A new tool for measuring the age of the universe strengthens the case for a biblical big bang creation model. The age of the universe is foundational for the physics of the big bang creation event and for the physics of the histories of stellar burning. The strongest scientific evidences for a supernatural Creator arise from a determination of this age. Traditionally, the best method for measuring the universe’s birth date has been the burning time of globular cluster stars—only recently superseded by cosmic ages from cosmic background radiation maps and deep surveys of galaxy velocities. Now, a team of American and Dutch astronomers has found a technique for increasing the cosmic age precision based on globular clusters (clusters of very densely grouped stars). They discovered a correlation between the radii of dense cores in globular clusters and their burning times. This correlation will give astronomers an independent tool for selecting out the oldest globular clusters in a galaxy. Calculating the age of the universe based on only the very oldest globular clusters will yield a more accurate cosmic age determination. Also, since the formation of a core in a globular cluster is a dynamical effect based on the gradual accumulation of massive stars and black holes at the cluster’s center, core radii of globular clusters stands as an irrefutable proof that the young-universe creationist model is false.

     David Merritt et al., “Core Formation by a Population of Massive Remnants,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 608 (2004): L25-L28.

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