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General Relativity Test

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The theory of general relativity, which predicts the biblical cosmic creation principles of a transcendent beginning (beginning of matter, energy, space, and time) and continual expansion from a cosmic creation event, has passed another test. Timing measurements of the pulses arriving from a white dwarf-neutron star binary (two-star) system showed consistency with general relativity theory. The measurements extended the range of binary systems for which general relativity provides a correct description of the two stars’ orbital dynamics. Another affirmation of general relativity also affirms biblical cosmic creation.

M. Bailes, et al, “Self-Consistency of Relativistic Observables with General Relativity in the White Dwarf-Neutron Star Binary PSR J1141-6545,” Astrophysical Journal Letters,, 595 (2003), pp. L49-L52.

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