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General Relativity Passes Yet Another Test

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RTB's biblical creation model received a substantial confirmation as general relativity passed with flying colors one of the toughest tests yet applied to it. Scientists often seek extreme environments to test theories that were successful in more ordinary conditions; extremes provide the most likely places for the theories to break down. The extreme environment here contains two massive compact objects: neutron stars that are more massive than the sun but only 10 miles across. These objects exhibit ultrastrong gravitational attractions. The orbits of the neutron stars around one another matched general relativity's predictions to 0.05%, an improvement in precision of nearly 10 times. Since general relativity forms a crucial component of RTB’s cosmic creation model, these results dramatically strengthen the model's validity.     

o   Adrian Cho, “Pulsars’ Gyrations Confirm Einstein’s Theory,” Science 313 (2006): 1556-57.


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