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General Relativity Affirmation Strengthens Big Bang

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Difficult experimental tests have confirmed a key assertion of general relativity, thereby strengthening RTB’s cosmic creation model. General relativity predicts that clock rates depend on the gravitational field where the clock resides. However, any shift in the clock rate should not depend on the type of atomic clock used. Using two different atomic clocks—one based on hydrogen and the other on cesium—a team of physicists from Colorado and Russia determined that both clocks ran at the same rate, even as that rate changed over a 7-year period due to Earth’s rotation. These results made the constraints on any difference between clocks 20 times stronger. Furthermore, the results comport well with RTB’s cosmic creation model, which predicts a big bang universe as described by general relativity.

o   N. Ashby et al., “Testing Local Position Invariance with Four Cesium-Fountain Primary Frequency Standards and Four NIST Hydrogen Masers,” Physical Review Letters 98 (2007): 070802.


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