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Gamma-Ray Burst Remnant Found in Milky Way Galaxy

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·         The recent discovery of a gamma-ray burst remnant (GRBR) provides additional evidence for the fine-tuning predicted by RTB’s cosmic creation model. Often astronomical events precipitate mass extinctions on Earth, and galactic GRBs may provide one mechanism for such episodes. RTB’s creation model explains such extinction events as the work of a supernatural Creator preparing the planet for the introduction of more advanced species in anticipation of man’s arrival. If GRBs play this role, their frequency must be small enough to not destroy all life, but sufficiently large to actually affect Earth’s habitability. A team of North American astrophysicists detected one GRBR dated at about 10,000 years. One or two more detections would increase the likelihood of a GRB having had a direct impact on Earth’s life without catastrophically diminishing Earth’s capacity to support life. Such fine-tuning would comport well with the idea of a supernatural Creator quickly preparing a fit habitat for humankind.  

o   Armen Atoyan, James Buckley, and Henric Krawczynski, “A Gamma-Ray Burst Remnant in Our Galaxy: HESS J1303-631,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 642 (2006): L153-56.


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