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Gamma Ray Burst Mass Extinction Event

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A team of American astronomers led by RTB constituent Brian Thomas has found more evidence supporting supernatural creation. They performed the first detailed calculation of the effects of a gamma-ray burst (GRB) about 6,500 light years away upon the atmosphere and surface of Earth. Their analysis shows that such a burst will triple the intensity of hard ultraviolet radiation at Earth’s surface, leading to widespread extinctions. The statistics of GRBs indicate that such an event will occur at least once every billion years in the current era and even more frequently during Earth’s early history. Specifically, the team shows that the late Ordovician mass extinction (~440 million years ago) may have been caused by a GRB. The daunting challenge for naturalistic evolution models is to explain the rapid mass speciation (life-replenishing) events that always follow mass extinction events. This “challenge” is well explained by a biblical creation model where God’s re-creations of life efficiently prepare the planet for humans and human civilization.

o   Brian C. Thomas et al., “Terrestrial Ozone Depletion Due to a Milky Way Gamma-Ray Burst,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 622 (2005): L153-L156.


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