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Gamma Ray Burst History

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Astronomers have found more evidence for the supernatural timing and arrival on Earth of multi-cellular life. They analyzed the gamma-ray burst (GRB) database to show that GRB production did not significantly subside until just 2.5 billion years ago. Multi-cellular land-based life is especially vulnerable to these extraordinarily bright and powerful, yet deadly, rays. Astronomers also recognize that the increasing luminosity of the sun will soon (within ten to thirty million years) render Earth unfit for multi-cellular life. Thus, it makes sense to conclude that an intelligent Creator would create land-based multi-cellular life relatively soon after the subsidence of GRBs. The fact that paleontologists observe the appearance of multi-cellular life in the fossil record at the best possible time provides evidence that a supernatural Creator indeed created multi-cellular life.

J. R. Lin, S. N. Zhang, and T. P. Li, “Gamma-Ray Bursts Are Produced Predominantly in the Early Universe,” Astrophysical Journal, 605 (2004), pp. 819-822.


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