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Galaxy-Formation Problem Resolved

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Recent simulation results resolve a discrepancy in galaxy-formation models, thereby buttressing RTB’s cosmic creation model. Theoretical modeling of galaxy formation in big bang models with cold dark matter (slow-moving matter whose existence can only be detected by gravitational interactions) has consistently predicted substantial dark matter density enhancements in the center of galaxies. However, these enhancements have not been seen in astronomical observations. New work shows how including the bulk motion of the gas in early galaxies dramatically reduces the density enhancements in galaxies and brings theoretical predictions in line with current observations. As scientists test and refine big bang cosmology, it becomes more successful in explaining and predicting the origin and evolution of the universe. Consequently, these results further strengthen RTB’s cosmic creation model, which incorporates big bang cosmology.

o   Sergey Mashchenko, H. M. P. Couchman, and James Wadsley, “The Removal of Cusps from Galaxy Centres by Stellar Feedback in the Early Universe,” Nature 442 (2006): 539-42.


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Subjects: Big Bang, Origin of the Universe, Universe Design

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