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Galaxy Bulge Size Reveals Metallicity

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A team of South American astronomers has discovered additional evidence for fine-tuning in the type of galaxy capable of supporting life. Any form of life requires sufficiently complex chemistry and a rocky planet capable of long-standing liquid water. Underlying both of these constraints is the production of abundant metals in stellar interiors. The team discovered that galaxies with smaller bulges lack the metal content of galaxies with larger bulges. These smaller-bulge galaxies will not produce adequate metals early enough to form a planet like Earth where life can thrive. Thus, astronomers continue to buttress RTB’s cosmic creation model, which predicts a high degree of fine-tuning as a result of a supernatural Creator preparing a fit habitat for life and, ultimately humankind.

o   Gaspar Galaz et al., “Bulge Evolution in Face-on Spiral and Low Surface Brightness Galaxies,” Astronomical Journal 131 (2006): 2035-49.


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