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Galactic Carbon and Oxygen Abundance Design

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A team of Mexican and Spanish astronomers has found more design features for the Milky Way Galaxy. For life to be possible, the life-support planet must form in a region of the galaxy that has the just-right abundances of carbon and oxygen. The team discovered that these just-right abundances demand that the following factors be fine-tuned: the age of the galaxy, the age of the planet, the distance of the life-support planet from the center of the galaxy, and the abundance and density of 1) massive stars, 2) intermediate stars, and 3) low-mass stars when the galaxy is young. These galactic design features, in addition to several dozen more that already have been discovered or acknowledged, testify of a superintelligent, supernatural Creator.  

·         Leticia Carigi et al., “Carbon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen Galactic Gradients: A Solution to the Carbon Enrichment Problem,” Astrophysical Journal 623 (2005): 213-24.


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