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Further Proof for Cosmic Creation

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A British astronomer demonstrated how a new radio telescope, once its construction is completed, will give astronomers the tools to develop powerful new tests for the biblical creation model. Specifically, this telescope, the Square-Kilometer-Array, will allow astronomers to detect 1) a dense array of distant precision clocks (extragalactic pulsars), which can be used to make precise measures of the cosmic expansion rates throughout cosmic history; 2) pulsars orbiting black holes, which can be used to subject general relativity and its theorems—theorems that prove a transcendent cosmic Beginner—to even more rigorous tests; and 3) the properties of gravity wave propagation in the universe, which will determine what big bang creation model is correct. While observational verification for the biblically predicted cosmic creation model already is pervasive and very strong, this new instrument has the potential to yield dramatically stronger proofs.

o   M. Kramer, “Fundamental Physics with the SKA: Strong-Field Tests of Gravity Using Pulsars and Black Holes,” preprint, 2004; astro-ph/0409020


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