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Fluorine Sources in Globular Clusters Offer No Help

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Recent studies of globular clusters (dense clusters of stars) provide additional evidence for the work of a Divine Designer in the formation of the solar system. Fluorine is a life-essential element that is difficult to produce by astrophysical processes. One place it has been found is in red giant stars in the globular cluster M4. Researchers show that fluorine production decreases as star mass increases. However, stellar lifetimes increase as star mass decreases. These two results constrain the types of red giant stars that can produce fluorine. These stars must produce ample fluorine, but they must do so in a short enough time to enrich the solar nebula with the fluorine scientists have measured. Fine-tuned processes reveal the signature of a supernatural Designer who prepared a fit habitat for life to flourish.

o   Verne V. Smith et al., “Fluorine Abundance Variations in Red Giants of the Globular Cluster M4 and Early-Cluster Chemical Pollution,” Astrophysical Journal 633 (2005): 392-97.


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