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First Galaxy Cluster

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Using a new technique a team of astronomers uncovered some new design features of the universe and more evidence that the big bang creation model yields a consistent explanation for the past history of the universe. The team discovered an extremely distant cluster of galaxies that was still in its formative stage. This proto-galaxy cluster formed when the universe was only one tenth of its present age—a date consistent with the measured dates, number density, and characteristics of the first-formed stars in the universe. This just-right date also helps explain how the universe can provide a home for humanity at the time, place, and conditions that are ideal for fostering human civilization and technology.

George K. Miley, et al, “A large Population of ‘Lyman-Break’ Galaxies in a Protocluster at Redshift z ~ 4.1,” Nature, 427 (2004), pp. 47-50.


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