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Fine-tuning of Early Solar System

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 Continuing analysis of solar system material provides additional evidence of the fine-tuning required to produce a system capable of supporting advanced life. Small grains incorporated into the early solar system contain signatures of the processes that produced them. Using high-precision spectroscopic measurements of a particular type of grain containing silicon and carbon, a team of international scientists found grains produced in different types of supernovae as well as during the dying throes of stars closer in mass to the sun. The fact that the solar system formed in such a turbulent region of exploding stars without being destroyed comports well with the idea of a supernatural Creator working to ensure the solar system contains all the materials advanced life requires.  

o   Philipp R. Heck et al., “Presolar He and Ne Isotopes in Single Circumstellar SiC Grains,” Astrophysical Journal 656 (2007): 1208-22.


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