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Fine-Tuning for Life in the Universe (2001)

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For life to be possible in the universe, several characteristics must take on specific values, and these are listed below.1 In the case of several of these characteristics, and given the intricacy of their interrelationships, the indication of “fine tuning” seems incontrovertible.

  1. Strong nuclear force constant
  2. Weak nuclear force constant
  3. Gravitational force constant
  4. Electromagnetic force constant
  5. Ratio of electromagnetic force constant to gravitational force constant
  6. Ratio of proton to electron mass
  7. Ratio of number of protons to number of electrons
  8. Expansion rate of the universe
  9. Mass density of the universe
  10. Baryon (proton and neutron) density of the universe
  11. Space energy density of the universe
  12. Entropy level of the universe
  13. Velocity of light
  14. Age of the universe
  15. Uniformity of radiation
  16. Homogeneity of the universe
  17. Average distance between galaxies
  18. Average distance between stars
  19. Average size and distribution of galaxy clusters
  20. Fine structure constant
  21. Decay rate of protons
  22. Ground state energy level for helium-4
  23. Carbon-12 to oxygen-16 nuclear energy level ratio
  24. Decay rate for beryllium-8
  25. Ratio of neutron mass to proton mass
  26. Initial excess of nucleons over antinucleons
  27. Polarity of the water molecule
  28. Epoch for hypernova eruptions
  29. Number and type of hypernova eruptions
  30. Epoch for supernova eruptions
  31. Number and types of supernova eruptions
  32. Epoch for white dwarf binaries
  33. Density of white dwarf binaries
  34. Ratio of exotic matter to ordinary matter
  35. Number of effective dimensions in the early universe
  36. Number of effective dimensions in the present universe
  37. Mass of the neutrino
  38. Decay rates of exotic mass particles
  39. Magnitude of big bang ripples
  40. Size of the relativistic dilation factor
  41. Magnitude of the Heisenberg uncertainty

1References may be found in The Creator and the Cosmos, 3rd edition by Hugh Ross (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2001), pp. 145-157, 245-248.


Subjects: Earth/Moon Design, Galaxy Design, Solar System Design, Universe Design

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