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Fine-Tuned Quantum Correlations

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Theoretical calculations identify more fine-tuning in the universe, consistent with the notion of a supernatural Creator making a universe capable of supporting life. General relativity imposes an absolute limit—the speed of light—on how fast information can be communicated. Quantum mechanics exhibits correlations between particles that violate this limit, although these correlations still do not permit faster-than-light communication. Interestingly, it is theoretically possible to increase the strength of the quantum-mechanical correlations while abiding by general relativity’s “communication speed limit.” However, recent work shows that any increase in the strength of the correlations decreases the degree of complexity allowed in communication. In other words, the strength of the quantum correlations is fine-tuned to maximize communication complexity and speed. These results comport well with RTB’s cosmic creation model, in which a supercaring Designer fashioned a habitat where humans experience strong, complex relationships with one another.

o   Gilles Brassard et al., “Limit on Nonlocality in Any World in which Communication Complexity is Not Trivial,” Physical Review Letters 96 (2006): 250401.


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Subjects: Laws of Physics, Quantum Physics

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