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Fine Structure Constant

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Astronomers have provided more confirmation of both cosmic design and the veracity of Scripture in their measurements of the value of the fine structure constant across a broad swath of cosmic history. Measurements on quasars across a wide range of distances prove that the fine structure constant (a fundamental physical constant or “law”) does not vary by any more than two parts per ten trillion per year. These measurements affirm that the value of the fine structure constant, which must be fine-tuned for physical life to be possible, indeed was designed into the physics of the cosmos from its beginning. They also validate Jeremiah 33:25, which states that the laws that govern the heavens and earth are fixed.


John N. Bahcall, Charles L. Steinhardt, and David Schlegel, “Does the Fine-Structure Constant Vary with Cosmological Epoch?” Astrophysical Journal, 600 (2004), pp. 520-543.


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