Reasons to Believe

Finding Hope Online

For years, Derek Bull wondered what to believe about the age of the universe.

Were there any other Christians questioning the young-earth view he had been taught? He felt alone in his doubts.

When his brother-in-law announced he had become an atheist because he could no longer swallow a 6,000-year-old Earth, Derek turned to the Internet for answers.

In September 2015, a Google search led him to the Reasons to Believe website. Derek pored over the articles on old-earth creationism and Genesis before clicking onto RTB’s YouTube channel.

Finally, after years of searching, Derek found answers—and relief.

“I wish I had found Reasons to Believe years ago,” he said. “It gave me a lot of hope.”

Within 24 hours of messaging Hugh Ross on Facebook, Derek received a personal response.

“Taking that kind of time out, I was very touched; I could tell Hugh . . . really cared,” Derek said.

Since then, Derek has studied his faith with renewed purpose. He still subscribes to RTB’s YouTube channel and is currently reading through Improbable Planet and God among Sages. He eagerly shares what he’s learning with family, friends, and neighbors.

“Reasons to Believe has given me back my husband,” Sue Bull said. “I’d been praying for Derek to find a mentor. It didn’t come in the form of a person who gets together with him on a regular basis; it came in the form of a YouTube video and Dr. Ross [on Facebook].”

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