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Fault Melt Lubricates Earthquake Slipping

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New understanding of earthquake faults provides additional evidence of a super-caring Designer crafting Earth as a suitable habitat for complex life. Long-standing plate tectonics serves a critical role in sustaining the habitability of a planet. However, large, complex organisms like humans are particularly susceptible to damage caused by great earthquakes. A team of international scientists has shown how rock-melting that occurs during earthquakes serves as a lubricant during fault movement. This means that a larger amount of tectonic stress dissipates during smaller earthquakes. Consequently, complex organisms are not subjected to larger, more devastating earthquakes that would occur without this lubrication. Such effects are consistent with RTB’s creation model, which posits that a super-intelligent Designer has fine-tuned plate tectonics for the benefit of human life. 

o   Giulio Di Toro et al., “Natural and Experimental Evidence of Melt Lubrication of Faults During Earthquakes,” Science 311 (2006): 647-49.


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