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Falling Back and Jumping Ahead

In a few days (March 14) Daylight Saving Time will begin. And even though I will lose an hour of snooze time, I am sleeping much better these days now that I delivered the manuscript for my new book to Baker Books. (The title: Creating Life in the Lab: How New Discoveries in Synthetic Biology Make a Case for the Creator. The release date: February 2011.)

That’s the good news. The bad news is I fell so far behind getting the manuscript ready that I didn’t get a chance to finish my article for this week. However, it will be available next week. I promise. It should be a humdinger, too. (At least that’s my opinion.) In all seriousness, next week’s article will describe recent work in which a team of synthetic biologists from UC Berkeley genetically engineered the bacterium E. coli to make biodiesel.

As a prelude to that article, I invite you to reread (or maybe read for the first time), a piece I wrote last summer describing similar work by another team of scientists who also attempted to produce alternative fuel via E. coli engineered to make alcohols.

Subjects: Biochemical Design

Dr. Fazale Rana

In 1999, I left my position in R&D at a Fortune 500 company to join Reasons to Believe because I felt the most important thing I could do as a scientist is to communicate to skeptics and believers alike the powerful scientific evidence—evidence that is being uncovered day after day—for God’s existence and the reliability of Scripture. Read more about Dr. Fazale Rana