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Faintest Known Dwarf Galaxy

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A large international team of astronomers has discovered a new type of galaxy that appears to establish greater consistency for the biblically predicted big bang creation model. The team found a galaxy that is several times fainter than the faintest known dwarf galaxy. Their discovery is good news for the most popular of the hot big bang creation models, namely a universe where the dominant matter component is cold dark matter. For this model, dwarf galaxies are the primary building blocks of large galaxies and the model predicts that astronomers should see about ten times as many dwarf galaxies as they do. The team’s discovery may resolve the problem. It seems that astronomers have failed to search for dwarf galaxies at faint enough magnitudes. Thus, future searches to such faint levels and beyond could resolve the anomaly of not enough dwarf galaxies for the cold dark matter cosmic model. 

o   Beth Willman et al., “A New Milky Way Dwarf Galaxy in Ursa Major,” Astrophysical Journal Letters 626 (2005): L85-L88.


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