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Experiment Supports Geodynamo Model

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 A breakthrough by a team of French scientists in understanding molten metals supports the proposed mechanism responsible for generating Earth’s magnetic field that is part of RTB’s cosmic creation model. Geoscientists believe that the turbulent, rotating behavior of the liquid metals in Earth’s core generates the magnetic field that is so essential for life’s existence near Earth’s surface. Past attempts to generate dynamos had constrained the fluid flow to facilitate the magnetic field formation. Recently, the French team produced a magnetic field in a vat of liquid sodium that could freely flow anywhere in the vat. This experiment represents a tremendous advance in scientists’ understanding of the processes at work deep inside Earth and is consistent with a model that describes the remarkable design of a Creator who has fashioned a long-suitable habitat for abundant biological life.

o       Don Monroe, “Molten Metal Magnet,” Physical Review Focus 19 (2007): 3.


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