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Evolutionary Convergence Europa

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A proposed test for Darwin’s theory of evolution and for the existence of extraterrestrial intelligent life (ETI) may help both ideas die a natural death. Instead of looking for signals from ETI, an Italian theoretical physicist suggests astrobiologists should look for the biosignatures (residual signs of life) of ion channels. From a naturalistic perspective, the evolution of ion channels in the membranes of microorganisms will occur in the earliest stages of biological evolution and, thus, would be the most pervasive and abundant evidence for extraterrestrial life. He reasons that if astrobiologists fail to find any evidence for these biosignatures, then one could securely conclude that ETI does not exist and that Darwin’s theory is incorrect. 

·         J. Chela-Flores, “Testing Evolutionary Convergence on Europa,” International Journal of Astrobiology 2 (2003): 307-12.


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Subjects: Macro vs. Micro Evolution

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