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Evidence for Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud

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Scientists have employed a new technique to help account for small objects beyond Neptune, supporting RTB’s cosmic creation model. Observations monitoring a distant X-ray source have provided evidence of a vast number of small bodies (objects from the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud) in the outer solar system. Solar-system-formation models imply an enormous population of small icy objects beyond the orbit of Neptune. While early observations had found tens of thousands of larger bodies, the smaller objects remained beyond telescopes’ detection abilities. However, because these small objects are so numerous, they should occult (or pass in front of) more distant stars. Using X-ray measurements of Scorpius X-1, a team of astronomers observed a significant number of these occultations, similar to what solar system models predict. Thus, an important component of RTB’s creation model is now buttressed by experimental data.

o   Hsaing-Kuang Chang, et al., “Occultation of X-rays from Scorpius X-1 by Small Trans-Neptunian Objects,” Nature 442 (2006): 660-63.


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