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Although some atheists and young-earth creationists remain skeptical about the big bang, that biblically consistent cosmic creation model continues to pass test after test. A powerful new test for big bang cosmology involves the strength of the homogeneous magnetic field when the universe was extremely young. If that field were even as strong as a millionth the strength of Earth’s magnetic field, the biblically predicted big bang creation model would either be overthrown or in need of major revision. However, if that field were nonexistent (very much less than a billionth of the strength of Earth’s magnetic field), astronomers would be hard-pressed, in the context of big bang cosmology, to explain the existence and origin of the large-scale magnetic fields they observe in galaxies and clusters of galaxies. A team of American, Georgian, and Japanese astronomers carefully analyzed the WMAP database to look for the vortices in the temperature and polarization fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background radiation. The firm upper limit they established for the cosmic homogeneous magnetic field at that very early moment in cosmic history, namely less than 15 billionths of a Gauss, is consistent with the big bang creation model and contradicts the predictions arising from competing plasma cosmology models. Thus, the big bang creation model has successfully passed another test.

o   Gang Chen et al., “Looking for Cosmological Alfvén Waves in Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe Data,” Astrophysical Journal 611 (2004): 655-59.


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