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Europan Life

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Two astronomers put a damper on the possibility of life inside (the outside is inhospitable) of Jupiter’s satellite, Europa. This moon has been proposed as an evolutionary candidate for the emergence of life beyond Earth. They point out that Europa’s primordial ocean most likely was sulfidic and, therefore, that sulfur beds several kilometers thick could exist inside Europa. Such sulfur would totally frustrate both the origin and survivability of life in Europa. Scientific advance continues to provide no data for the well-funded discipline of astrobiology, but abundant data for supernatural creation.

William B. McKinnon and Michael E. Zolensky, “Sulfate Content of Europa’s Ocean and Shell: Evolutionary Considerations and Some Geological and Astrobiological Implications,” Astrobiology, 3 (2003), pp. 879-897.;/15311074/v3n4/s18/p879


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