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Ethyl Cyanide

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A newly discovered molecule in the interstellar medium provided some researchers with a little bit of hope for a naturalistic explanation of life’s origin, but the new “hope” still suffers from the same old problems. American astronomers discovered a complex, saturated organic molecule, ethyl cyanide (CH3CH2CN), in the interstellar medium (dust and gas between stars in a galaxy). This molecule ranks as one of the heaviest yet found in the interstellar medium. The addition of ethyl cyanide to the other 120 carbon-base molecules found in the interstellar medium, however, still does not provide the necessary ingredients and physical conditions for the production and preservation of either proteins, DNA, or RNA. Thus, it still stands that the only possible cause for life’s origin is a supernatural Creator.   

·         David M. Mehringer et al., “Detection of Vibrationally Excited Ethyl Cyanide in the Interstellar Medium,” Astrophysical Journal 608 (2004): 306-13.


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