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Eliminating Oscillating Universe Models

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Evidence against some oscillating universe models contrasts with successful predictions of RTB’s cosmic creation model. The theological implications of the beginning of a big-bang universe are well known and have motivated many scientists to propose alternative models with no beginning. One class of models avoids a beginning by postulating that the universe repeatedly expands and then collapses back on itself. The cycle repeats, with the universe “bouncing” after each collapse. Recent theoretical calculations rule out a substantial number of these models motivated by string theory. The growing body of evidence against bouncing cosmologies stands in stark contrast to the ever-increasing weight of evidence supporting RTB’s cosmic creation model, which holds that a supernatural Creator caused the universe in a “big bang.”

o   C. P. Constantinidis et al., “Falsifying Tree Level String Motivated Bouncing Cosmologies,” Physical Review D 73 (2006): 123513.


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