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El Nino Trigger

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Scientists have discovered that explosive volcanic eruptions appear to be fine-tuned for humanity’s benefit. A new study shows that explosive volcanic eruptions significantly enhance the triggering of El Nino events. Intermittent El Nino events cause more even rainfall distribution over continental land masses. In the present era explosive volcanic eruptions are frequent and violent enough to stimulate adequate El Nino events but not so frequent and violent as to kill large numbers of people and animals or to make El Nino events permanent. The fact that these geological and meteorological processes work in concert for the benefit of human life seem to attest to Divine design.

J. B. Adams, M. E. Mann, and C. M. Ammann, “Proxy Evidence for an El Nino-Like Response to Volcanic Forcing,” Nature, 426 (2003), pp. 274-278; Shanaka de Silva, “Eruptions Linked to El Nino,” Nature, 426 (2003), pp. 239-241.

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