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Earth’s Magnetic Field Designed

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Detailed observations of the ocean floor reveal design in Earth’s magnetic field. Scientists have known for years that the polarity of Earth’s magnetic field reverses roughly every 500,000 years. Studies of the ocean floor reveal that the reversal rate was much quicker roughly 160 million years ago; geophysicists estimate that the reversals occurred every 100,000 years. Further, the magnetic field was weaker in the past. These results corroborate other findings indicating that stronger fields undergo less-frequent reversals. Currently, Earth’s magnetic field is very strong compared to earlier epochs, and consequently it has not experienced a reversal for over 750,000 years. A magnetic field reversal would have dramatic negative consequences for advanced life, particularly humankind. RTB’s cosmic creation model anticipates and predicts such scientific findings as a consequence of a supernatural Designer working to maintain an environment with minimal disturbances to advanced life and complex technology.

o       Maurice A. Tivey et al., “Origin of the Pacific Jurassic Quiet Zone,“ Geology 34 (2006): 789-92.


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