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Early Earth Differentiation Reveals Design

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Recent geophysics research shows more evidence for the work of a super-intelligent Designer who is responsible for preparing Earth for advanced life. Two scientists from the Carnegie Institution of Washington have found evidence for differentiation (where denser materials sink toward the core and less dense material rises toward the crust) in the interior of the earth within 30 million years of its formation. By comparing samarium-neodymium isotopic data from terrestrial rocks with the chondritic meteorites thought to represent unmodified solar abundances, the scientists found differences that are best explained by differentiation early in Earth’s history—a process that enriched the deep mantle with radioactive elements. This reservoir of material is not recycled to the surface of the earth, thus explaining the above isotopic differences. One potential consequence of this radioisotope-enriched layer, located on top of the iron core, is that it could provide a blanket that keeps the core in a liquid state, which is necessary for maintaining the earth’s magnetic field. This discovery strengthens the case for a super-caring Creator at work early in Earth’s history, preparing the planet for advanced life.

o   M. Boyet and R. W. Carlson, “142Nd Evidence for Early (>4.53 Ga) Global Differentiation of the Silicate Earth,” Science 309 (2005): 576-81.


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