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Early Earth a Water World?

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New studies of ancient zircon show consistency with RTB’s creation model prediction that the early Earth was covered in water (see Genesis 1:2). Results published earlier this year in Science had argued for large-scale continental crust formation within 200 million years of Earth’s formation—a finding clearly at odds with RTB’s model. But new research shows that the criteria used for concluding that the ancient zircons were formed in continental crust can be mimicked by zircons extracted from mid-ocean ridges where no continents exist. The later research concludes that the ancient zircons permit models where no continental crust is formed until much later in Earth’s history. Thus, ancient zircons are not evidence against RTB’s creation model.

o   Laurence A. Coogan and Richard W. Hinton, “Do the Trace Element Compositions of Detrital Zircons Require Hadean Continental Crust?” Geology 34 (2006): 633-36.


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Subjects: Earth/Moon Design, Geology and the Bible

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